HOMESpecialsEnjoy the popular hot springs in Karuizawa!

Enjoy the popular hot springs in Karuizawa!

Shiotsubo Onsen Hotel

This natural hot spring was discovered over 800 years ago, and will keep you warm fully with the refreshing touch. This is lesser known but great hot spring which contains healing effects on muscle pain, recovery from fatigue, and beautiful skin.

LiVEMAX Resort Karuizawa Shaka no Yu

This natural hot spring resort is located in the hotel along the main road from Karuizawa Station. You can enjoy the best hot spring water sent directly from the Kinugawa River.

Karuizawa Marriott Hotel Kose Onsen

This hot spring emerges from Mt. Asama. There are lots of good effects for exfoliation of dead skin and clearing out dirt from pores, which might appeal to women. Try using this hot spring after you enjoy sports and activities.

Le Grand Karuizawa

This is the only natural open-air hot spring in the Old Karuizawa area. In the open-air bath, you can enjoy sunlight filtering through the leaves by day and the sky full of stars by night. Take your time for healing and relaxation that you cannot usually experience during your daily life.

Hoshino Onsen Tombo no Yu

This is a hot spring at the entrance of Karuizawa’s sightseeing “Hoshino Area”. As Karuizawa’s well-known hot spring, it has been loved for a long time. In the open-air bath, you can enjoy the scenery of Karuizawa in every season.

Sengataki Onsen

This is a hot spring where you can enjoy the beautiful scenery which changes throughout the four seasons. The pride of this hot spring is its soft and clear water which comes directly from the hot spring source. While enjoying autumn leaves and snowy scenery, you can have a quiet and calm time.