HOMESpecialsDestination weddings here are very popular!

Destination weddings here are very popular!

Karuizawa’s rich nature.
Destination weddings here are very popular!

In Karuizawa, destination weddings and photo weddings are popular surrounded by its beautiful nature and good environment. The number of weddings is increasing year by year, thanks to the easy access for traffic, taking only one hour from the center of Tokyo.

The venerable land of Karuizawa

With its rich nature, Karuizawa has been loved by the Imperial Family and many people of culture since ancient times. It is also popular as a historic international resort area because of the good climate unique to the plateau. The traditional buildings and high-quality services, and the refined hospitality are some of the reasons why Karuizawa attracts people.

The sacred and cozy church

Karuizawa is dotted with many sects of churches. Surrounded by beautiful greenery, you can have a heartwarming wedding ceremony at a church among the warm wooden surroundings.

A refreshing garden wedding under the blue sky

One of the biggest attractions of Karuizawa is the destination wedding. You can have a memorable time enjoying a party and taking pictures of the beautiful yard, which is carefully groomed down to every corner.

Photo weddings matching the seasonal beauty

In Karuizawa, photo weddings to create romantic pictures like a scene from a movie are very popular. They can feature the fresh green of spring, the autumn leaves, or the snow covered landscape covered with snow.