HOMESpecialsFestivals of Karuizawa where you can fully enjoy the four seasons!

Festivals of Karuizawa where you can fully enjoy the four seasons!

The Karuizawa Wakaba Festival

This festival is held in the fresh green season from late April to early June. It features various events such as sports events, for example, a half marathon, cycling, tennis, golf, and a chance to try horseback riding, as well as bird watching, mountain stream fishing, walking, hiking and classic car racing, to name some. You can also get a discount coupon for museums and minshuku, Japanese style B&B.

The Kyu-Karuizawa Summer Festival

This festival is held at Suwa Shrine in the Old Karuizawa area, and offers a lot to see such as Japanese traditional drums, shamisen, a parade of playing bells, exciting mikoshi (a portable Shinto shrine) and Kagura (Shinto theatrical dance) along with sumo matches, and more In the evening, you can enjoy Bon Odori which is a style of dancing performed during Obon and fireworks as well as meals from the festival food stalls. You can fully enjoy the summer of Karuizawa.

The Karuizawa Momiji Festival

This festival is held from late September to early November when the colorful autumn leaves are at their most beautiful. With sports events such as the Karuizawa Resort Marathon and tennis tournament, and a guided walking tour, you can enjoy a refreshing autumn in Karuizawa, a town of healing.

The Karuizawa Winter Festival

This festival is held from late November. At the opening ceremony, beautiful fireworks shine in the night sky in winter. You can enjoy the fantastic light displays, Christmas concerts, winter sports and more at various places, and enjoy a different charm of Karuizawa from its summer.