Strolling around Oiwake and Nakasendo Way
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The Oiwake walking route

Walking Time:1 Hour and 55 Minutes  Waking Distance:6.5km

Tranquil and pastoral, Oiwake, has an atmosphere reminiscent of its historic past. Wakasare, the point at which the road forks between the Nakasendo Way and Kitaguni-kaido Way, is nearby, revealing various historical relics along the way. Discover the history and literature around Oiwakejuku Post.

Nakasendo Way

Walking Time:4 Hours and 45 Minutes  Waking Distance:17km

Nakasendo Way, which was one of the “five roads” in the Edo Period, connected the west and east of Japan. It is a good idea to walk west from Old Usui Pass, located on the border of Annaka City of Gunma Prefecture and Karuizawa, to Miyota Town.

Nakasendo way MAP