Nature observation & hiking routes with waterfalls and wild birds
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From Mine-no-Chaya to Shiraitonotaki Falls / Ryugaeshinotaki Falls route

Walking Time:2 Hours and 35 Minutes  Waking Distance:7.5km

This route follows the Shinano-ji Nature Walkway that runs through Karuizawa. Since the entire route is downhill, it is easy to walk and holds many exciting viewing points. As an added bonus, the walking course goes along Shiraito Highland Way which is also used by local buses, so you can take a bus if you get tired.

The Sengataki Falls route

Walking Time:1 Hour and 35  Waking Distance:5.7km

This route takes you down the well-kept walking path named Seseragi-no-Michi (the road of the babbling stream), which is constructed in such a way that it helps the prevention of forest disasters as well as preserves the environment of the people living downstream. The crowning glory of this hike is the 20 metres tall, Sengataki Falls, the biggest waterfall in Karuizawa.

The route to Karuizawa National Wild Bird Sanctuary Forest

Walking Time:1 Hour and 40 Minutes  Waking Distance:5.5km

With 150 species seen annually, and with 100 of them breeding in the area, Karuizawa is an absolute haven for wild bird lovers. Karuizawa National Wild Bird Sanctuary Forest was the first wild bird forest to be designated as a national bird sanctuary by the Japanese government in 1974. There are observation paths and lodges in the vast premises where you can enjoy viewing animals and plants.