HOMESpecialsA sunny day in Karuizawa! A cycling tour is the best way to enjoy such lovely weather!

A sunny day in Karuizawa! A cycling tour is the best way to enjoy such lovely weather!

Karuizawa has many flat roads, and there’s no better way to get around than by bicycle. Rent a bicycle in front of Karuizawa station and let’s go!

First, off to “Kumoba Pond” which is known as Swan Lake. It offers various landscapes which change with the seasons. You can park your bicycle at the parking lot at the entrance and take a stroll around the pond. The seasonal plants such as the fresh green of spring and the fall leaves reflected on the surface of the pond are magnificent. Seeing these views may make you feel refreshed.

The next destination is the “Former Mikasa Hotel”. You can go for a cycling tour for about 10 minutes along “Mikasa street”, where there is a beautiful row of Japanese larch trees lining the Kyu-Karuizawa Rotary. It’s very pleasant to cycle while feeling a refreshing breeze and the sunlight filtering in through the trees. “Former Mikasa Hotel” is designated as an important cultural property, and you can also tour the inside of the building by paying an admission fee.

Off to “Mampei Hotel” next. Go back along Mikasa street for a while, and you will arrive there shortly after entering a side street from the Kyukaruizawa Ginzadori Street. “Mampei Hotel” is famous as a hotel where the Beatles’ John Lennon stayed often. Take a break at the cafe terrace enjoying a cup of royal milk tea that John Lennon loved.

After leaving “Mampei Hotel”, pedal your bicycle along Yagasaki River. You will find a path called ‘’Sasayaki no Komichi’’ which offers a row of acacia trees which appears in a novel written by the Japanese novelist ‘’Tatsuo Hori’’. This is a promenade where you can only hear sounds of nature such as birds singing and the river water flowing. Take your time on the return to Karuizawa station so that you can recover from the day of cycling!