HOMENouvellesNew Rail Pass for Foreign Travelers 「SHINANO RAILWAY BANZAI 2-DAY PASS」

New Rail Pass for Foreign Travelers 「SHINANO RAILWAY BANZAI 2-DAY PASS」

Shinano Railway Company cooperating with local governments will start to sell New 2-Day



Only foreign Travelers and foreign residents can purchase.

Sold at Shinano Railway Karuizawa Station

Price is 1,000 yen

Access from Karuizawa station to Yashiro station.

Valid for 2 days includes the day you purchase.

Duration to purchase is from February 1st, 2018 to Thursday to March 31st, 2018 Sunday

※ The pass you purchase on March 31st, it will be valid until April 1st.

6 reasons to buy

1. You can save 1,620 yen at most.

※It values 2,620yen on regular prices as being Karuizawa – Yashiro round ticket.

2. Unlimited hop-on, hop-off at any stations from Karuizawa station to Yashiro station for valid 2 days

3. You can get benefits, of small gifts if you show this pass at 54 places

4. This 2 days pass will be your lucky charm with being blessed at Sanada Shrine in Ueda city.

5. After the duration to sell this pass, you might have a raffle chance if you will be selected with the used pass.

6. You may be able to find your new destination with this pass.


Karuizawa Tourist Association Secretariat Office

Mr. Shigeru Tatsuno, Email: s.tatsuno@karuizawa-kankokyokai.jp

470-3 Karuizawa, Karuizawa-machi, Kitasaku-gun, Nagano〒389-0102

TEL:+81-267-41-3850 FAX:+81-267-41-3851